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Lysite/Lost Cabin

Lysite/Lost Cabin, Fremont County, Wyoming

Compiled by Cheryl E. Belding and Marlys Bias

NameBirth DateDeath DateCemetery
SCHOENING, David20 Aug 187215 Jul 1945Lysite

NameBirth DateDeath DateCemetery
OKIE, Howard Fremont189008 Feb 1920Okie Cemetery
OKIE, Howard P.18691943Okie Cemetery
OKIE, John Brognard18641930Okie Cemetery
OKIE, Paul Marston19 Aug 189816 May 1902Okie Cemetery

NameBirth DateDeath DateCemetery
________, Vernon

Lost Cabin Cemetery
COBB, Tye Woodrow06 Jan 191630 Jun 1929Lost Cabin Cemetery
DOLIS, Joseph18621927Lost Cabin Cemetery
LOGAN, Minnie May18931925Lost Cabin Cemetery
MABERN, Ernest03 Feb 188206 Mar 1930Lost Cabin Cemetery
MAKER, Dennis A.
30 May 1926Lost Cabin Cemetery
MAXON, Alice Dow18581921Lost Cabin Cemetery
MAXON, Elbert P.18431906Lost Cabin Cemetery
31 Jan 1924Lost Cabin Cemetery
31 Jan 1924Lost Cabin Cemetery
MORRIS, James H.02 Apr 185511 Mar 1912Lost Cabin Cemetery
MORRIS, Mary E.23 Oct 185807 Oct 1920Lost Cabin Cemetery
O_______, John (Possibly ORTIZ or ORTEZ)
Apr 1911Lost Cabin Cemetery
OLIVER, Albert Snode09 Apr 187612 Oct 1936Lost Cabin Cemetery
SIGNOR, Paulene

Lost Cabin Cemetery
SWAIM, Charles Columbus04 Feb 186205 May 1943Lost Cabin Cemetery
ULLMAN, Eliza24 Jan 188412 Jul 1906Lost Cabin Cemetery
ULLMAN, Mary E.03 Jul 190615 Jul 1906Lost Cabin Cemetery
WILLOUGHBY, Martin Haggard24 Feb 189330 Apr 1902Lost Cabin Cemetery
WOOLF, Leo W.20 Jan 186208 Nov 1938Lost Cabin Cemetery
WOOLF, Ella May Castle25 Nov 186728 Mar 1915Lost Cabin Cemetery
WOOLF, Ella May04 Mar 191528 Mar 1915Lost Cabin Cemetery

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